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About us

Find out what financial solutions to managing funds and global payments The Wallet offers for different corporate and individual clients.

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Briefly about us

The Wallet.cloud is an online banking service that helps to conduct electronic financial transactions. The platform is engaged in the issuance, purchase, and distribution of еlectronic money. We cooperate with banks, payment services, and many financial institutions around the world. Therefore, managing funds and international payments for our corporate and individual clients is very easy.

Working structure

When the owners of the company had a strong desire to open an efficient online bank that will be base on the affiliate program, they seek to the Wallet. We work with specialists who have deep knowledge and expertise with an international network and associates. The Wallet also includes professionals in:

  • Payment industry
  • Consulting
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • IT and legal industry
  • Business development

We are proud of our team’s culture, professionalism, and passion for doing business!